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Figure 7

From: PHB granules are attached to the nucleoid via PhaM in Ralstonia eutropha

Figure 7

Fluorescence microscopical (FM) investigation of R. eutropha H16 (pBBR1MCS-2-P phaC - eyfp -c1) with over-expression of eYfp (a); R. eutropha H16 (pBBR1MCS-2-P phaC - phaP5 ) with over-expression of PhaP5 (b), and R. eutropha H16 (pBBR1MCS-2-P phaC -eyfp- phaP5 ) with over-expression of eYfp-PhaP5 fusion (c) at various stages of PHB formation. PHB-free cells from 24 h old seed cultures on NB were transferred to fresh NB medium supplemented with 0.2% gluconate and grown at 30°C. FM-images of samples taken at time points as indicated were generated after staining with Nile red in red channel (top rows) or without staining in green channel (bottom rows) or. Note, individual PHB granules of PhaP5 or eYfp-PhaP5-expressing cells near cell poles or at mid cell were not resolved in FM images as in TEM images (Figure 6). Bar 3 μm.

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