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Table 1 Bacterial Strains used in the study

From: Isolimonic acid interferes with Escherichia coli O157:H7 biofilm and TTSS in QseBC and QseA dependent fashion

Strain/Plasmid Genotype Reference/Source
E. coli O157:H7 EDL933 Wild type ATCC (#43895)
TEVS232 E. coli TE2680 LEE1:lacZ [41]
TEVS21 E. coli TE2680 LEE2:lacZ [41]
VS145 EHEC 86–24 ΔqseA [42]
VS151 VS145 with plasmid pVS150 [42]
VS138 EHEC 86–24 ΔqseC [6]
VS179 VS138 with plasmid pVS178 [6]
AV43 WT with plasmid pVS178 This study
AV45 WT with pVS150 This study
AV46 TEVS232 with pVS150 This study
AV48 WT with pAV11 This study
AV49 WT with pAV12 This study
pVS150 qseA into pACYC177 [42]
pVS178 E. coli K12 qseBC in pBAD33 [6]
pAV11 EHEC qseC in pBAD33 This Study
pAV12 EHEC qseB in pBAD33 This study