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Table 1 Molecular identification of yeast isolates

From: Diversity and extracellular enzymatic activities of yeasts isolated from King George Island, the sub-Antarctic region

Sample ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 D1/D2 Identification
Accession Closest match Accession Closest match
sea water JQ857022 Candia sake (AJ549822) JQ856998 Candida sake (AJ507662) Candida sake
soil JQ857023 Cryptococcus terricola (FN298664) JQ856999 Cryptococcus terricola (AM039670) Cryptococcus sp.
soil JQ857024 Cryptococcus gastricus (AF145323) JQ857000 Cryptococcus gastricus (AF137600) Cryptococcus gastricus
soil JQ857026 Metschnikowia australis (JN197598) JQ857002 Metschnikowia australis (U76526) Metschnikowia sp
soil JQ857027 Mrakia robertii (AY038829) JQ857003 Mrakia robertii (EF643726) Mrakia robertii
soil JQ857028 Mrakia blollopis (AY038828) JQ857004 Mrakia blollopis (AY038828) Mrakia blollopis
soil JQ857031 Cryptococcus watticus (FJ473373) JQ857007 Holtermanniella watticus (FJ748666) Holtermanniella watticus
soil JQ857033 Dioszegia crocea (AF444406) JQ857009 Dioszegia crocea (HQ256888) Dioszegia sp
soil JQ857034 Leucosporidium drummii (FN908919) JQ857010 Leucosporidiella fragaria (DQ513270) Leucosporidiella fragaria
soil JQ857038 Dioszegia fristingensis (EU070927) JQ857014 Dioszegia fristingensis (JN400789) Dioszegia fristingensis
  JQ857039 Dioszegia fristingensis (EU070927) JQ857014 Dioszegia fristingensis (JN400789) Dioszegia fristingensis
soil JQ857025 Cryptococcus victoriae (HQ717406) JQ857001 Cryptococcus victoriae (JN544032) Cryptococcus victoriae
soil JQ857032 Rhodotorula glacialis (EF151250) JQ857008 Rhodotorula glacialis (EF643741) Rhodotorula glacialis
soil JQ857035 Mrakia gelida (AF144485) JQ857011 Mrakia robertii (EF643731) Mrakia sp.
     Mrakia frigida (DQ513285)  
melt water, soil JQ857036 Mrakia gelida (GQ911545) JQ857012 Mrakia gelida (GQ911518) Mrakia gelida
soil JQ857037 Rhodotorula glacialis (EF151250) JQ857013 Rhodotorula glacialis (AB671326) Rhodotorula glacialis
soil JQ857040 Pseudeurotium bakeri (GU934582) JQ857015 Leuconeurospora pulcherrima (FJ176884) Leuconeurospora sp.
soil JQ857041 Pseudeurotium bakeri (GU934582) JQ857016 Leuconeurospora pulcherrima (FJ176884) Leuconeurospora sp.
melt water JQ857021 Wickerhamomyces anomalus (JF416789) JQ856997 Wickerhamomyces anomalus (JN180956) Wickerhamomyces anomalus
soil JQ857030 Cryptococcus gilvescens (AF444380) JQ857006 Cryptococcus gilvescens (EF643719) Cryptococcus gilvescens
soil JQ857018 Mrakia psychrophila (EU224267) JQ856994 Mrakia psychrophila (EU224266) Mrakia psychrophila
soil JQ857029 Rhodotorula laryngis (AB078500) JQ857005 Rhodotorula laryngis (DQ640477) Rhodotorula laryngis
soil JQ857017 Glaciozyma antarctica (AY033637) JQ856993 Glaciozyma antarctica (AY040642) Glaciozyma antarctica
soil JQ857019 Leucosporidiella creatinivora (AF444629) JQ856995 Leucosporidiella creatinivora (AF189925) Leucosporidiella creatinivora
soil JQ857020 Sporidiobolus salmonicolor (AF444611) JQ856996 Sporidiobolus salmonicolor (EU596439) Sporidiobolus salmonicolor