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Table 2 Production of biogenic amines in presence of epithelial cells

From: Biogenic amine production by the wine Lactobacillus brevis IOEB 9809 in systems that partially mimic the gastrointestinal tract stress

Precursors added Bacteria +Human cells Bacteria Human cells
  Put (μM) Tym (μM) Put (μM) Tym Put (μM) Tym(μM)
Agm (4.3 mM) 1980±170a ND 190±80c ND 10±2d ND
Tyr (10 mM) ND 180±9a ND 220±1ab ND ND
Tyr (10 mM) + Agm (4.3 mM) 1330±420a 230±9ab 1003±41b 320±80b 7±0d ND
  1. Tyramine (Tym) and putrescine (Put) were detected by RP-HPLC in samples containing DMEM medium supplemented or not with 10 mM tyrosine, 4.38 mM agmatine or both precursors, after 8 h incubation. Cells present during the assay: Bacteria + Human cells: L. brevis IOEB 9809 (108 CFU mL-1) and Caco-2 cells (105 cells mL-1); Bacteria: L. brevis IOEB 9809 (108 CFU mL-1) and Human cells: Caco-2 cells (105 cells mL-1). Results are expressed as the mean ± standard deviation of three independent experiments. ND: not detected. Detection limits: for Put > 2 nM and for Tym > 2.5 nM. Putrescine and tyramine were below the detection limits in the DMEM medium as well as in samples containing either bacteria or Caco-2 cells in absence of the corresponding BA precursor. Differences were assessed by Anova test. Different superscript letters associated with values of the same BA indicate statistically significant differences (P < 0.05).