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Figure 1

From: Macropinocytosis is responsible for the uptake of pathogenic and non-pathogenic mycobacteria by B lymphocytes (Raji cells)

Figure 1

Colony forming units (CFU) of S. typhimurium and mycobacteria in B cells. a) Time-dependent CFU counts of intracellular M. smegmatis (MSM) (circles) and M. tuberculosis (MTB) (squares). The growth of M. smegmatis is controlled by the end of the kinetics, whereas M. tuberculosis survives and multiplies. b) Time-dependent CFU counts of intracellular S. typhimurium (ST). The intracellular growth was rapidly controlled by the B cells compared to the mycobacteria. Each point represents the mean ± standard error (SE) of triplicate measurements. The experiment presented is representative of three independent repetitions.

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