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Table 3 Bacterial strains used in this study

From: Analysis of a unique Clostridium botulinum strain from the Southern hemisphere producing a novel type E botulinum neurotoxin subtype

Strain bontsubtype Source Location Year Isolated bontAccession Number
Beluga† E1 Fermented whale Alaska 1982 GQ244314
CDC41648 E1 Seal flipper Alaska 1996 JX424539
CDC42747 E1 Stool Alaska 1997 JX424540
CDC42840 E1 Stool Alaska 1997 JX424536
CDC47437 E1 Stool Alaska 1992 JX424545
CDC5247 E2 Fermented seal flipper Alaska 1984 EF028404
Alaska† E2 Unknown Unknown Unknown JX424535
CDC52256 E3 Stool Illinois 2007 GQ294552
CDC59470‡ E3 Stink eggs Alaska 2004 JX424544
CDC59471‡ E3 Stool Alaska 2004 JX424542
CDC59498 E3 Stink head Alaska 2004 JX424543
CDC42861 E3 Seal Alaska 1997 JX424541
CDC40329 E3 Fish Alaska 1995 JX424538
VH E3 Unknown Unknown Unknown GQ247737
Minnesota† E7 Unknown Unknown Unknown JX424537
CDC66177 E9 Soil Argentina 1995 JX424534
CDC38597 B4 Blood sausage Iceland 1983 JX437193
17B† B4 Marine sediment Pacific coast, US 1967 EF051570
CDC706 B4 Fermented salmon brine Alaska 1977 JX437192
CDC30592 B4 Gastric fluid Alaska 1985 JX437194
KA-173 (610B) F6 Salmon Columbia River, US ~1966 GU213230
VPI7943 F6 Venison jerky California 1966 GU213228
  1. † Strain provided by J. Ferreira (FDA, Atlanta, GA).
  2. ‡ Strains are associated with same botulism event.