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Table 2 Average nucleotide identity (ANI) of genomic sequences

From: Analysis of a unique Clostridium botulinum strain from the Southern hemisphere producing a novel type E botulinum neurotoxin subtype

Subject Sequence Query Sequence % ANI
Beluga CDC66177 93.58
Beluga 17B 93.41
Beluga Alaska E43 97.91*
CDC66177 Beluga 93.50
CDC66177 17B 98.91*
CDC66177 Alaska E43 93.73
17B Beluga 93.53
17B CDC66177 98.97*
17B Alaska E43 93.67
Alaska E43 Beluga 97.78*
Alaska E43 CDC66177 93.63
Alaska E43 17B 93.50
  1. The following genome sequences were used in the ANI analysis: Beluga, accession number: ACSC00000000 (4.0 Mb); CDC66177, accession number: ALYJ00000000 (3.85 Mb); 17B, accession number: NC_010674.1 (3.85 Mb); Alaska E43, NC_010723.1 (3.66 Mb).
  2. * ANI values ≥ 96% are marked with an asterisk.