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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: FK506 biosynthesis is regulated by two positive regulatory elements in Streptomyces tsukubaensis

Strain Plasmid Promoter Gene # if isolates Description
WT     11 Control
WT pSET152 pSET152    22 Control
WT allN pDG1 P ermE* allN 28 Over-expression
WT allN+mgl pDG2 P ermE* allN+mgl 25 Over-expression
WT fkbR pDG3 P ermE* fkbR 24 Over-expression
WT fkbN pDG4 P ermE* fkbN 29 Over-expression
ΔallN pDG5   ΔallN 7 Gene inactivation
ΔallNΔfkbN pDG5, 8   ΔallN ΔfkbN 2 Gene inactivation
ΔfkbN pDG8   ΔfkbN 10 Gene inactivation
ΔfkbR pDG6   ΔfkbR 6 Gene inactivation
ΔfkbRΔfkbN pDG6, 8   ΔfkbR ΔfkbN 2 Gene inactivation
ΔfkbR pDG3 P ermE* fkbR 18 Complementation
ΔfkbN pDG4 P ermE* fkbN 33 Complementation
ΔfkbRΔfkbN pDG4 P ermE* fkbN 9 Complementation
WT pSET152   rppA 12 Negative control
ΔfkbR pMB1 P ermE* rppA 9 Positive control
pMB2 P allA rppA 15 Promoter activity
pMB3 P fkbR rppA 15 Promoter activity
ΔfkbN pMB4 P fkbN rppA 12 Promoter activity
pMB5 P fkbB rppA 15 Promoter activity
  pMB6 P fkbG rppA 15 Promoter activity