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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Campylobacter jejuni CsrA complements an Escherichia coli csrAmutation for the regulation of biofilm formation, motility and cellular morphology but not glycogen accumulation

Strain or plasmid Description Resistance# Source or Reference
C. jejuni 81-176 Wild-type Tet [32]
E. coli    
 MG1655 Wild-type   [33]
 TRMG1655 csrA::kan Kan [33]
 TOP10 Cloning host Strep Invitrogen
 pBAD-TOPO Cloning vector containing araBAD promoter Amp Invitrogen
 pBADcsrAEC E. coli csrA cloned into pBAD-TOPO Amp This study
 pBADcsrACJ C. jejuni csrA cloned into pBAD-TOPO Amp This study
  1. #Tet, tetracycline; Kan, kanamycin; Strep, streptomycin; Amp, ampicillin.