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Figure 2

From: Genotyping of B. licheniformisbased on a novel multi-locus sequence typing (MLST) scheme

Figure 2

MST (Minimum Spanning Tree) analysis. The network was generated in Bionumerics v. 6.6 (Applied Maths) using character data in default mode. Each circle represents a ST and the type number is indicated next to the circle. The areal of the circle corresponds to the number of strains represented by each ST. Thick solid lines connect STs that differ at only one locus. Thin, solid lines connect STs that differ at two loci. Dotted lines connect STs that differs at three loci. The distances (in terms of number of locus variants) are also indicated next to the branches. STs of group A are coloured green while STs of group B are coloured red.

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