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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: The tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase like gene located in the tyramine biosynthesis cluster of Enterococcus duransis transcriptionally regulated by tyrosine concentration and extracellular pH

Strain/Plasmid Characteristics * Source
E. coli TOP10   Invitrogen
L. lactis NZ9000 Plasmid-free strain [37, 38]
E. durans IPLA655 Isolated from artisanal cheese. Tyramine producer IPLA Collection
pUC18 AmpR [39]
pNZ9530 EryR, nisR-nisK [40]
pILORI4 EryR, lacZ promoterless gene [41]
pNZcLIC CmR, expression vector [42]
pDA12 AmpR, pUC18 with PtyrS cloned in SmaI This work
pDA15 AmpR, pUC18 with PtyrSΔ cloned in SmaI This work
pDA16 EryR, pILORI4 including PtyrSΔ -lacZ fusion This work
pNZcTyrS CmR, pNZcLIC including tyrS This work
  1. * AmpR, ampicillin resistant; EryR, erythromycin resistant; CmR, chloramphenicol resistant