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Table 1 Growth media

From: Advancement of the 10-species subgingival Zurich Biofilm model by examining different nutritional conditions and defining the structure of the in vitrobiofilms

Medium Abbreviation Reference Use
mFUM, 4 mM Glucose mFUM4   Growth medium for biofilms
mFUM 4 mM Glucose, iHS (50%) iHS   Growth medium for biofilms
mFUM, 0.3% Glucose (30%), saliva (60%), iHS (10%) SAL   Growth medium for biofilms
mFUM, 0.3% Glucose   [12] Liquid precultures of S. oralis, S. anginosus, V. dispar1, F. nucleatum, A. oris, P. intermedia, C. rectus2
Pg medium3   [29] Liquid precultures of P. gingivalis
Spirochaetes medium   [30] Precultures of T. denticola
Modified OMIZ-W684   [31] Precultures of T. forsythia
  1. 1 addition of 1% lactic acid (v/v).
  2. 2 addition of 0.1% sodium fumarate and 0.1% sodium formiate.
  3. 3 Brain heart infusion broth, supplemented with haemin (7.67 μM) and menadione (2.91 μM).
  4. 4 addition of lactose (2 g l-1), caseinoglycomacropeptide (100 mg l-1),N-acetylmuramic acid (50 mg l-1), and N- acetylglucosamine (500 mg l-1).