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Table 1 Bacterial Strains and Plasmids Used in This Study

From: A connecter-like factor, CacA, links RssB/RpoS and the CpxR/CpxA two-component system in Salmonella

Strain or plasmid Description Reference or source
S. enterica   
14028s Wild-type ATCC
MS7953s phoP::Tn10 [48]
AK1052 cpxP-lacZ + Y + This work
AK1053 spy-lacZ + Y + This work
AK1054 pgtP-lacZ + Y + This work
AK1055 pgtP-tetA-lacZ + Y + This work
AK1056 P cacA -lacZ+Y+1 This work
AK1007 ΔcpxR::CmR [16]
AK1057 ΔcpxA::CmR This work
AK1058 ΔrssB::CmR This work
AK1059 ΔrpoS::CmR This work
AK1060 ΔcacA::CmR This work
AK1061 cpxP-lacZ+Y+1 ΔcpxR::CmR This work
AK1062 cpxP-lacZ+Y+1 ΔcpxA::CmR This work
AK1063 P cacA -lacZ+Y+1 ΔcpxR::CmR This work
AK1064 P cacA -lacZ+Y+1 phoP::Tn10 This work
AK1065 P cacA -lacZ+Y+1 ΔrssB::CmR This work
AK1066 P cacA -lacZ+Y+1 ΔrpoS::CmR This work
AK1067 P cacA -lacZ+Y+2 This work
AK1068 PcacA-14C/G-lacZ+Y+2 This work
AK1069 PcacA-16T/A-14C/G-lacZ+Y+2 This work
AK1070 PcacA-12A/T-8T/A-lacZ+Y+2 This work
AK1071 P cacA -lacZ+Y+2 ΔrpoS::CmR This work
AK1072 PcacA-14C/G-lacZ+Y+2 ΔrpoS::CmR This work
AK1073 PcacA-16T/A-14C/G-lacZ+Y+2 ΔrpoS::CmR This work
AK1074 PcacA-12A/T-8T/A-lacZ+Y+2 ΔrpoS::CmR This work
AK1075 ΔcacA cpxP-lacZ+Y+ This work
AK1076 ΔcacA spy-lacZ+Y+ This work
AK1077 ΔtrxA::CmR This work
AK1078 ΔtrxB::CmR This work
AK1079 ΔtrxC::CmR This work
AK1080 cpxP-lacZ+Y+ΔtrxA::CmR This work
AK1081 cpxP-lacZ+Y+ΔtrxB::CmR This work
AK1082 cpxP-lacZ+Y+ΔtrxC::CmR This work
E. coli   
DH5α F-supE44 ΔlacU169 (Ф80 lacZΔM15)hsdR17 recA1 endA1 gyrA96 thi-1relA1 [49]
pUC19 reppMB1 ApR [50]
pUC19-R1 reppMB1 ApR This work
pWN1 reppMB1 ApR This work
pKD3 repR6Kγ ApR FRT CmR FRT [45]
pKD46 reppSC101ts ApR p araBAD γ β exo [45]
pCP20 reppSC101ts ApR CmRcl857λPRflp [51]
pCE37 repR6Kγ KmR FRT lacZY t his [44]
pBAD18 reppMB1 ApR p araBAD [52]
pBAD18-cacA reppMB1 ApR p araBAD cacA This work
pASK-IBA3plus(pASK) reppMB1 ApRtetR p tet IBA
pASK-cacA reppMB1 ApRtetR p tet cacA This work