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Figure 2

From: A comparison of two distinct murine macrophage gene expression profiles in response to Leishmania amazonensisinfection

Figure 2

Networks built using differentially expressed genes in uninfected macrophages from C57BL/6 and CBA mice. C57BL/6 and CBA macrophages were cultured separately and then processed for microarray analysis as described in Materials and Methods. The cell death and lipid metabolism network (A) and the cell-cell signaling and interaction network (B) were modeled using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis software v8.8 (IPA-Ingenuity Systems®). The above networks are displayed as a series of nodes (genes or gene products) and edges (or lines, corresponding to biological relationships between nodes). Nodes are displayed using shapes that represent the functional class of the gene product as indicated in the key. Nodes marked in green were found to be highly expressed in C57BL/6 macrophages in comparison to CBA. Nodes marked in red were found to be highly expressed in CBA macrophages compared to C57BL/6. The unmarked nodes were not identified in our samples; however, IPA® added them to the networks due to their high probability of involvement in a given network. The node color intensity is an indication of the degree of up-(green) or down-(red) regulation of genes observed in the biological network analysis from uninfected C57BL/6 macrophages compared to CBA cells. Solid lines denote direct interactions, whereas dotted lines represent indirect interactions between the genes represented in this network.

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