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Table 3 Bacterial strains and sources

From: Differential infection properties of three inducible prophages from an epidemic strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Strain (1Clone type) Reference/source
Laboratory P. aeruginosa strains:
PAO1(W) [2]
PAO1 pilA-; PAO1 pilU-; PAO1 pilT-2 [47]
PA14(A) [48]
Clinical LES isolates:
LESB 58 (T) - Sequenced isolate [16]
LES 431 (T) - Lacks LES prophage 2 [49]
Anomalous LES isolates3:
O69574 (T); 0521 (T); 43513 (T); 079444 (T); 0342 (T). [50]
P. aeruginosa isolates from keratitis patients4:
39015 (B); 39115 (A); 39103 (A2); 39145 (A3); 39053 (A5); 39135 (C); 39016 (D); 39421 (F); 39061 (I); 39284 (L); 39376 (U); 39129 (V). [51]
P. aeruginosa isolates from non-LES infected CF patients:
CHILDREN: AH23 (B); AH4 (A); AH19 (A3); AH14 (C); AH1 (D); AH6 (L); AH9 (U); AH7 (A4); AHCH5
ADULTS: NL28 (A); NL20 (C); NL25 (F); NL16 (U); NL21 (A4); NL14 (A7). RLUH6
Environmental Pseudomonas spp: Strain
P. aeruginosa 159 RJ7
P. fluorescens WC5365; F113; ATCC 17400; pf5; pf01.  
P. syringae ‘tomato’ DC300; B728a  
P. syringae pv. Coriandricola Ccola  
P. syringae pv. maculocola M4  
P. syringae pv. antirrhini 152E  
P. putida KT2440; Paw340  
P. cichori 907  
P. avellanae 48  
P. phaseiolicola 1448A  
P. entomophila L48  
P. marginalis 247  
P. corrugata 2445  
P. tolaasii 2192 T  
P. glycinea 49a/90  
P. lachrymans 789  
P. agarici 2472  
P. viridiflava 2848  
B. cenocepacia K56-2; J2315. [52]
B. multivorans F-A1-1; LMG 13010.  
  1. 1Clones typed using the Clondiag tube array system [51]; 2 PAO1 pil mutants acquired from Angus Buckling, University of Exeter. 3Isolates classified as anomalous following negative diagnostic PCR result for one of two specific target sequences, but identified as LES using the tube array system. These isolates were also missing one or more LES prophage. 4 Strains isolated from Keratitis patients from several hospitals across the UK. 5 AHCH: Isolates collected from child CF patients attending the Alder-Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool. 6 RLUH: Isolates collected from adult CF patients attending the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. 7 RJ -Environmental isolates of several Pseudomonas species donated by R Jackson, University of Reading.