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Table 1 Likelihood ratio test for model selection

From: In silico evolutionary analysis of Helicobacter pylori outer membrane phospholipase A (OMPLA)

Model lnL LRT χ2 distribution
M1 −12515.96 47.04 >9 with 2 d.o.f. P < 0.01
M2 −12492.44   
M7 −12521.64 83.94 >9 with 2 d.o.f. P < 0.01
M8 −12479.67   
  1. Nested models with and without positive selection (M1 vs. M2 and M7 vs. M8) were compared in PAML. The χ2 distribution column shows the minimum likelihood ratio (=2ΔlnL) necessary for the more complex of two models to be significantly better (p < 0.01).