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Figure 2

From: Illegitimate recombination: An efficient method for random mutagenesis in Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis

Figure 2

Sketch illustrating the genetic characterisation of the mutants MAV_1778, MAV_3128, MAV_4334, and MAV_5106. The sites of the insertion of the marker (Hygr gene) were identified by inverse PCR followed by sequencing of the eluted PCR products. The figure shows for four mutants the mutated gene (dark blue) with the site of insertion of the fragment (grey) carrying the Hygr gene (red) and the four genes located upstream and downstream of the mutated gene (light blue). Numbers in the arrows indicate the gene names. The direction of the arrows stands for gene direction. Gene sizes and distances between genes are approximations. Below the map of each mutant the size of the deletion generated as result of insertion of the marker is indicated.

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