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Figure 4

From: Novel screening assay for in vivo selection of Klebsiella pneumoniae genes promoting gastrointestinal colonisation

Figure 4

K. pneumoniae C3091-derived RecA, GalET, ArcA and putative proteins KPN_01507/01508 confer enhanced GI colonisation to EPI100. Sets of mice were fed with equal amounts of EPI100 carrying the empty pACYC184 vector and EPI100 carrying pACYC184-recA, -galET, -arcA, or –kpn_01507/01508, respectively. In all four experiments, the bacterial counts of the control strain were below the detection limit of 50 CFU/g faeces (dashed horizontal lines) one-to-three days post-feeding. The data in Figure 4A-C are expressed as the mean ± SEM for three infected mice.

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