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Figure 3

From: Carotenoid biosynthesis and overproduction in Corynebacterium glutamicum

Figure 3

Transcriptional organization of the carotenogenic gene clusters in C. glutamicum ATCC 13032. The schemes show the respective crt loci (crtE-cg0722-crtBIY e Y f Eb (A); crtB2I2-1/2 (B)) in C. glutamicum and the RT-PCR reactions used to determine co-transcription of the crt gene clusters. RNA from C. glutamicum WT was transcribed into cDNA with gene specific primers of the last gene in 3’ direction of the predicted operons. Subsequently, cDNAs were used as templates for six different PCR reactions for crtB, crtI, crtEb and crtY e Y f (labeled 1 – 6 (A)) and one PCR reaction for crtB2, crtI2-1 and crtI2-2 (B). Reactions labeled (−) represent controls confirming the absence of DNA in the RNA preparation. The reactions were identical to the PCR reactions as shown in the lanes labeled as (+) except that reverse transcriptase was omitted in the cDNA reactions.

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