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Table 1 Strains and plasmids

From: sigE facilitates the adaptation of Bordetella bronchiseptica to stress conditions and lethal infection in immunocompromised mice

  Strain name Genotype Source, Reference
E. coli SEA001 MG1655 ΦλrpoHP3::lacZ ΔlacX74 [60]
  SEA5036 BL21(DE3) ΔslyD::kan pLysS pPER76 [61]
  XQZ001 BL21(DE3) ΔslyD::kan pLysS pXQZ001 This work
  SEA4114 CAG43113 ΔrpoE::kan ΔnadB::Tn10 [62]
  SEA008 SEA001 pTrc99a [62]
  SEA5005 SEA001 pSEB006 This work
  XQZ003 DH5α pXQZ0003 This work
  SS1827 DH5α pSS1827 [63]
B. bronchiseptica RB50 RB50 [58]
  SEA5516 RB50ΔsigE This work
  MER001 RB50 pCW505 This work
  MER002 RB50ΔsigE pCW505 This work
  SEA5518 RB50 pEV This work
  SEA5520 RB50ΔsigE pEV This work
  SEA5526 RB50 pSigE This work
  SEA5530 RB50ΔsigE pSigE This work
  RB50Δwbm RB50ΔwbmBwbmCwbmDwbmE [64]
  WD3 RB50ΔbscN [49]
  Plasmid name Description Source, Reference
  pTrc99a Vector, pBR322 ori, ApR Pharmacia
  pSEB006 sigE in pTrc99a This work
  pSEB015 isolated rpoHP3 promoter in pRLG770, ApR [61]
  pPER76 rpoE in T7 expression vector pET15b, KanR [65]
  pXQZ001 sigE in T7 expression vector pET15b, KanR This work
  pXQZ002 ΔsigE in TOPO-TA vector This work
  pSS1827 helper plasmid competent for mating, ApR [63]
  pSS3962 Bordetella-specific allelic exchange vector, KanR Stibitz, unpublished work
  pXQZ003 ΔsigE in pSS3962 This work
  pEV Vector pJS72, ΩSpecR cassette replaced with CmR This work
  pSigE sigE in pEV This work
  pCW505 cytoplasmic expression of GFP [66]