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Figure 2

From: Developmental plasticity of bacterial colonies and consortia in germ-free and gnotobiotic settings

Figure 2

Role of external factors in colony patterning. a Effect of temperature: development at 27°C and 35°C, on NAG. b, F colonies, effect of transfer from 35°C to 27°C. Diameters of colonies in a and b are normalized: real diameters grow from 1 mm at day 1 to 15 mm at day 7 for F and Fw, or 20 mm for R and W). c Effect of cultivation on different media on the appearance (day 7) of F colonies (sugars or alcohols added as nutrients; PEG as an osmotic). NA – nutrient agar, TN – tryptone. d Effect of delayed glucose addition on F colonies planted on NA (day 12). Note the absence of glucose effect after 3 days on NA.

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