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Figure 5

From: Gene copy number variation and its significance in cyanobacterial phylogeny

Figure 5

Phylogenetic tree and distance matrix of Chloroflexi including all 16S rRNA copies. (A) Phylogenetic tree of the eubacterial phylum Chloroflexi including all 16S rRNA copies, reconstructed using Bayesian analysis. On the nodes posterior probabilities >0.90 are displayed. Colored taxa mark species where 16S rRNA copy numbers evolved rather via divergent evolution, than being homogenized within a strain via concerted evolution. The letter “R” denote gene copies that are positioned on the reverse DNA strand. (B) Distance matrix of Chloroflexi. Genetic distances have been estimated according to the K80 substitution model. White lines separate sequence copies of different species. 16S rRNA sequences are conserved within species, but exhibit more variation than found for cyanobacteria.

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