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Figure 3

From: Acid stress response and protein induction in Campylobacter jejuni isolates with different acid tolerance

Figure 3

Reference map of proteins from C. jejuni 305 separated by 2D-gel-electrophoresis. The strain was grown in modified chemically defined broth modified (CDB) containing 0.01 mM methionine at 37°C to late exponential phase and until the cell level was 1 × 108 CFU/ml. Proteins were exposed to HCl (pH 5.2) for 20 min and then labelled with [35 S]-methionine for 20 min. Proteins were separated by their isoelectric point (pH 4–7) and then by their molecular weight on a 10%–20% Tris–HCl gel. The gel was scanned and only proteins, with incorporated [35 S]-methionine, were visible. Arrows point at induced proteins: 19 kDa periplasmic protein (p19), alkyl hydroperoxide reductase (AhpC), Superoxide dismutase (Fe) (SodB), Thioredoxin-disulfide reductase (TrxB), hypothetical protein (Cj0706), and molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein (MogA).

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