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Table 2 Contents of NH 4 +-N, NO 3 --N, net rates of N mineralization and nitrification in the soil and denitrifier enzyme activity (DEA) of the soil (0–10 cm)

From: Physical-chemical and microbiological changes in Cerrado Soil under differing sugarcane harvest management systems

Treatment NH4+-N NO3--N Mineralization Nitrification DEA
  mg kg-1dried soil mg kg-1dried soil day-1  
Control 9.6 (1.5)a 1.3 (0.5)b 2.6 (0.5)a 2.6 (0.4)a 2.6 (0.3)a
Green cane 13.5 (12.1)ab 32.6 (27.9)a −4.2 (6.0)b −2.5 (3.9)b 0.1 (0.0)b
Burnt cane 1.9 (0.9) b 26.6 (15.9)a −0.5 (0.8)b 0.4 (0.8)b 0.1 (0.0)b
  1. The numbers represent average values (n = 3 for DEA and n = 5 for the rest) followed by their respective standard deviations in parentheses. Averages followed by the same letter in each column are not statistically different from each other according to the Tukey test (5%) for DEA and the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test (5%) for the rest.