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Table 1 Average values of soil properties

From: Physical-chemical and microbiological changes in Cerrado Soil under differing sugarcane harvest management systems

Parameter Treatment
  Control Green cane Burnt cane
pH 6.6a 6.4a 5.9b
Exchangeable Al BD BD BD
Exchangeable Ca 11.4a 10.b 4.3c
Exchangeable Mg 3.9a 2.1b 1.6c
Exchangeable Na 1.7a 2.8a BD
Exchangeable K 306.6b 735.6a 280.0b
Exchangeable H + Al 4.8b 5.0b 6.5a
Total P 102.3a 34.6ab 32.6b
SB1 16.1a 14.2b 6.6c
CEC2 20.9a 19.0b 13.1c
V3 77.0a 74.7a 50.4b
Bulk density 0.96 b 1.25a 1.31a
Moisture 29.2a 26.2a 27.6a
WFPS4 41.8 b 58.7a 64.9a
Total C 12.5a 6.7b 15.9a
Total N 0.70a 0.30b 0.90a
δ13C −22.8a −20.9b −23.1a
δ15N 8.8b 11.4a 8.3b
C:N 17.9b 22.3a 16.4b
  1. The numbers represent average values (n = 3 for density and n = 5 for the rest). Averages followed by the same letter in each line are not statistically different (5%) from each other according to the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for Ca, Mg, Na, K, P and V; and according to the Tukey test for the rest. BD - Below the detection limit of the technique. 1Sum of bases (sums of the Ca, Mg, Na and K content in cmolc dm-3). 2Cation exchange capacity (sums of SB and H + Al). 3Percent base saturation (SB divided by CEC). Parameters units: Al, Ca, Mg, H + Al, P, SB, CEC (cmolc dm-3), Na, K (mg dm-3), V (%), Bulk density (g kg-1), δ13C, δ15N (‰). 4 Water filled pore space.