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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of S. lugdunensis isolates

From: Clinical and microbiological characterization of Staphylococcus lugdunensis isolates obtained from clinical specimens in a hospital in China

ID Isolate No.1 Department Age (years old)/Gender Diagnosis Fever Leukocyte increase Specimen resource C-reactive protein (mg/dl) Results
1 1010-13169 Outpatient Clinic 48, female Mammitis No No Secretion Unavailable Heal
2 1010-13159 Orthopedics 69, male 10 years after right knee joint replacement Yes No Synovial fluid 4.8 Heal
4 1001-17088 Obstetrics 37, female Premature rupture of fetal membranes, gestational diabetes Yes Yes Cervical secretion 3.6 Heal
6 1012-23199 Orthopedics 56, female Infection after left tibial plateau fracture surgery Yes No Wound secretion 7.50 Heal
8 1002-04128 Neonate2 0, male Neonatal pneumonia and septicemia Yes No Venous blood 0.1 Heal
  1. 1Isolate No. in the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army; 2The patient was a newborn of 14 days.