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Figure 2

From: Pathogenic Mycobacterium bovis strains differ in their ability to modulate the proinflammatory activation phenotype of macrophages

Figure 2

The capacity of pathogenic mycobacteria to grow intracellularly in macrophages treated with IFN-γ or IL-10. Cultures of BMDM were pretreated with exogenic murine r-IFN -γ or r-IL-10 for 2 h, infected with the mycobacterial strains at a MOI of 1, as indicated in the legend to Figure 1, and incubated in the presence of these cytokines for an additional 6 days. The intracellular CFU numbers determined at day 0 and day 6 are presented. The data of three independent experiments are shown as mean ± SD of samples in triplicate. Asterisks represent statistical significance (p < 0.05) compared to infected cells cultured without addition of the cytokines.

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