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Figure 2

From: Storage conditions of intestinal microbiota matter in metagenomic analysis

Figure 2

Bacterial community analysis based on 16S rRNA gene survey. A) Alpha-diversity analysis of number of species observed in 6 storage conditions: Immediately frozen (F); unfrozen 1 h and 3 h (UF1h, UF3h); room temperature 3 h, 24 h, and 2 weeks (RT3h, RT24h, RT2w). The plot averages the number of species from the samples provided by 4 individuals in each condition. B) Taxonomy analysis at the species level of the 24 samples based on alignment performed using PyNast against Silva 108 release database and OTUs assignment using blast and the Silva 108 release taxa mapping file. Individual #1 (red), #2 (blue), #3 (green), #4 (purple). A more detailed taxonomy assignment is provided in the additional data (See Additional file 3: Table S1). C) UPGMA clustering of the 24 samples based on weighted UniFrac method. Samples from the 4 individuals are colored as in B. The scale bar represents 2% sequence divergence.

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