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Table 1 List of markers amplified at 55°C annealing temperature in the group of species belonging to section  Fumigati 

From: Diversity and specificity of microsatellites within Aspergillus section Fumigati

  MC3 MC1 MC8 MC5 MC2 MC6a MC7 MC6b
Aspergillus fumigatus ATCC 46645
Aspergillus fumigatiaffinis CBS 117186 a      
Aspergillus lentulus CBS 116880b a       
Aspergillus novofumigatus CBS 117519 a       
Aspergillus unilateralis CBS 126.56 a       
Aspergillus viridinutans CBS 121595 a       
Neosartoryafischeri CBS 316.89 a     
Neosartoryahiratsukae CBS 124073 a       
Neosartoryapseudofischeri CBS 208.92b a       
Neosartoryaudagawae CBS 114217 a      
  1. a) Unspecific amplification with MC3 primers (confirmed after sequence analysis).
  2. b) Similar results were observed with other tested reference strains.