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Table 2 Verification, by Sanger sequencing, of 12 polymorphic loci identified by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) of E. histolytica genomes

From: A Multilocus Sequence Typing System (MLST) reveals a high level of diversity and a genetic component to Entamoeba histolytica virulence

Strain Reference sequence HM-1:1MSS DS4-868 MS96-3382
Genbank accession number Gene id NGS Sanger NGS Sanger NGS Sanger
XM_644365 EHI_103540 63883C C C C C C/A C/A
XM_645788 EHI_069570 120673G G G A A A A
XM_647032 EHI_134740 54882G G G G G A A
XM_651435 EHI_041950 9878A A A A A C C
XM_647310 EHI_065250 10296C 10297T CT CT TC TC TC TC
XM_647310 EHI_046600 6048A A A C C C C
XM_647170 EHI_166490 28371G G G/A G G G/A G/A
XM_652055 EHI_049680 91356A A A A A C C
XM_648588 EHI_188130 32841C C C T T T T
XM_001914355 EHI_083760 807T T-x-G T-x-G T-x-G T-x-G T-x-A T-x-A
XM_647392 EHI_126120 105607A A A A A G G
XM_001913688 EHI_168860 11109G G G A A A A
  1. Verification of SNPs identified during Next Generation Sequencing of E. histolytica genomes.