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Table 6 Correlations between TRF abundances and sludge and effluent water parameters a

From: Diversity and dynamics of Archaea in an activated sludge wastewater treatment plant

AluI Identityb, c Observationsd SSVIe Shear sensitivityf EPS proteing EPS carb.h Effluent NSSi
AluI 142 Methanosarcina b 2      ***
AluI 176 Methanosaeta c 24      
AluI 184 Methanosaeta c 33     *** ***
AluI 185 ARC I c 2    * ***  
RsaI 74 Methanosaeta c 31    * ***  
RsaI 142 Euryarchaeota b 3    ** *** ***
RsaI 238 Methanosaeta c 31      ***
RsaI 259 ARC I c 4    ** *** ***
  1. a The correlations are marked with asterisks corresponding to the level of statistical significance: 95% (*), 99% (**) and 99.9% (***). TRFs that are not included did not show any statistically significant correlation with any parameter. The sludge and effluent water parameter data was taken from[22]. b Identification by comparison with the RDP database. c Identification by comparison with the clone library. d The number of times the TRF was observed. e Standardized sludge volume index (ml/g). f Shear sensitivity (arbitrary units). g EPS protein (mg/gMLSS). h EPS carbohydrates (mg/gMLSS). i Effluent non-settleable solids (mg/l).