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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in the present study

From: Molecular basis for the distinct divalent cation requirement in the uridylylation of the signal transduction proteins GlnJ and GlnB from Rhodospirillum rubrum

Strain or plasmid Relevant characteristic Reference or source
R. rubrum   
S1 Wild type  
E. coli   
BL21 (DE3) pLysS Host for expression of PII proteins, Cmr Invitrogen
BL21 Star (DE3) Host for expression of GlnE Invitrogen
RB9040 ΔglnD; host for expression of GlnD, Tcr [19]
pETGlnE pET101 derivative containing glnE, Apr [5]
pGEXGlnD pGEX6P-3 derivative containing glnD, Apr [11]
pMJET pET15b derivative containing glnB, Apr [20]
pETGlnJ pET15b derivative containing glnJ, Apr [5]
pETGlnJR17K pETGlnJ derivative encoding GlnJR17K, Apr This study
pETGlnJQ42H pETGlnJ derivative encoding GlnJQ42H, Apr This study
pETGlnJN54D pETGlnJ derivative encoding GlnJN54D, Apr This study
pETGlnJK85R pETGlnJ derivative encoding GlnJK85R, Apr This study
pETGlnJV100I pETGlnJ derivative encoding GlnJV100I, Apr This study
pETGlnJE109G pETGlnJ derivative encoding GlnJE109G, Apr This study
pETGlnJQ42HK85R pETGlnJ derivative encoding GlnJQ42HK85R, Apr This study
pETGlnBH42Q pMJET derivative encoding GlnBH42Q, Apr This study
pETGlnBR85K pMJET derivative encoding GlnBR85K, Apr This study
pETGlnBH42QR85K pMJET derivative encoding GlnBH42QR85K, Apr This study
  1. Ap ampicillin; Tc tetracycline; Cm chloramphenicol.