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Figure 1

From: Biochemical characterization of an anti-Candida factor produced by Enterococcus faecalis

Figure 1

a. Biological activity of ACP against C. albicans (MTCC 7315). b. Biological activity of ACP against C. albicans (MTCC 183) after 85% ammonium sulfate fractionation, The zone of inhibition was detected in 85% palette dissolved in 20 mmol sodium phosphate buffer pH 8.0, but activity was not detected in supernatant. c. Mild biological activity of ACP against wild type C. albicans (DI) isolated from a diabetic patient in BITS Goa. d and e. Different concentration of dialyzed concentrate of ACP showing zone of inhibition against a lawn of C. albicans MTCC 183.

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