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Table 4 Sequences of the joints between the genome and Tn 6164 and the joint of the circular form

From: Analysis of a Clostridium difficile PCR ribotype 078 100 kilobase island reveals the presence of a novel transposon, Tn6164

CGCATTG CG-AGACTATAG 3’ends of half insert
CGCATTG CG-AGACTATAG 3’ends of full insert
CTCA-TG TGGAGTGCGTGG 5’end of full insert
GCCA-TG TGGAGACTATAG middle section of full element
CACA-TG CGTTGTCTTGTG Joint of circular intermediate Tn6164
CACATTG TG-AGACTGTAG CTn2 target site in strain 630
  1. The sequences at the 3’ end of the element in strains that contain half the insert or the full insert are identical. These are related to the sequence at the 5’ end of the element and the middle section of the full element and also to the joint of the circular intermediate of Tn6164 and the empty target site, compared to the empty target site of CTn2 from strain 630. Sequence shown in underlined bold is the dinucleotide which is predicted to be recognised by the serine recombinase.