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Figure 3

From: Variation in endogenous oxidative stress in Escherichia coli natural isolates during growth in urine

Figure 3

Comparison of antioxidant defense mechanisms between UPEC (CFT073, UTI 89 and 536) and ABU 83972 strains at both phases of growth. (a) Content of glutathione (GSH), (b) Glutathione oxidoreductase (Gor) activity, (c) Activity of glucose 6 phosphate deshydrogenase (G6PDH), (d) Catalase activity, (e) Activity of superoxide dismutase activity cooper-dependent (Cu-SOD), (f) Activity of cytosolic superoxide dismutases (cytosolic SODs) (Mn-dependent and Fe-dependent). White square: mid-logarithmic phase; grey square: stationary phase.

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