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Table 1 Description of H. parasuis reference strains a

From: Comparison of Haemophilus parasuis reference strains and field isolates by using random amplified polymorphic DNA and protein profiles

# Serovar Strain Country Isolation Site Diagnosis Virulenceb
A 1 No. 4 Japan Nose Healthy H
B 2 SW140 Japan Nose Healthy L+
C 3 SW114 Japan Nose Healthy A
D 4 SW124 Japan Nose Healthy L+
E 5 Nagasaki Japan Meninges Meningitis, H
F 6 131 Switzerland Nose Healthy A
G 7 174 Switzerland Nose Healthy A
H 8 C5 Sweden Unknown Unknown L-
I 9 D74 Sweden Unknown Unknown A
J 10 H367c Germany Unknown Unknown H
K 11 H465 Germany Trachea Pneumonia A
L 12 H425 Germany Lung Polyserositis H
M 13 84-17975 United States Lung Unknown H
N 14 84-22113 United States Joint Septicemia H
O 15 84-15995 United States Lung Pneumonia L+
  1. aoriginally published by Kielstein and Rapp-Gabrielson (1992) and adapted by Zehr and Tabatabai (2011).
  2. bH, Highly virulent, death of pig within 96 h post-inoculation; L+, Polyserositis and arthritis at necropsy; L-, Mild clinical symptoms; A, Avirulent, no clinical symptoms at necropsy as described by Kielstein and Rapp-Gabrielson (1992).
  3. cH367 (serovar 10) is a field strain with the same characteristics as the original H555. Reference strain H555 was lost during culture passage prior to our acquisition of the reference strains above.