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Table 1 Bacteria and plasmids used in the study

From: Cloning, purification, and functional characterization of Carocin S2, a ribonuclease bacteriocin produced by Pectobacterium carotovorum

Strain or plasmid Description Source
Escherichia coli   
1830 pro¯ met¯ Kanr Nmr, containing transposon Tn5 on the suicidal plasmid pBJ4JI [44]
DH5α supE44ΔlacU169(Φ80lacZΔM15) hsdR17recA1 gyrA96thi-1relA1 [39]
BL21(DE3) hsdS gal(λcIts857 ind1 Sam7 nin5 lac UV5-T7 gene 1) [45]
Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum   
3F-3 Pcc, wild-type Laboratory stock
F-rif-18 3F3, Rifr, wild-type This study
TF1-1 F-rif-18, fliC::Tn5, Rifr, Kanr This study
TF 1-2 F-rif-18, CarocinS2::Tn5, Rifr, Kanr This study
SP33 Pcc, wild-type Laboratory stock
pMCL210 p15A, Cmlr, Low copy number [46]
pGEM T-Easy Ampr; lacZ cloning vector Promega
pET32a Ampr; expression vector with the N-terminal His-tag Novagen
pET30b Kanr; expression vector with the C-terminal His-tag Novagen
pMS2KI 5.7-kb BamHI DNA fragment harboring carocin S2 gene from 3F3 genome, cloned into pMCL210 This study
pEN2K* caroS2K subcloned into pET32a This study
pES2KI Derived from pEN2K; deleted series of Tag element in front of expressed caroS2K This study
pEH2KI* Derived from pES2KI; adding (His)6-Tag adjacent to caroS2I This study
pGS2I caroS2I and its putative promoter from pMS2KI, subcloned into pGEM T-easy This study
pECS2I* caroS2I subcloned into pET30b, but the expressed fusion CaroS2I has no activity This study
pES2I Derived form pECS2I, the (His)6-Tag element was deleted This study
  1. Kanr: Kanamycin; Cmlr: Chloramphenicol; Rifr: Rifampicin; Ampr: Ampicillin.
  2. *: See Additional file 1, Figure S5.