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Table 2 Gene Ontology (GO) term analysis for the C. neoformans FLC response

From: Genome-wide expression profiling of the response to short-term exposure to fluconazole in Cryptococcus neoformans serotype A

GO group GO subgroup P-value
Up-regulated genes   
Oxidation reduction   5.26e-10
Small molecule metabolic process 1.34e-06
  Alcohol metabolic process 4.74e-07
  Sterol metabolic process 4.41e-07
Steroid metabolic process   7.81e-07
  Phytosteroid metabolic process 1.47e-09
  Steroid biosynthetic process 9.08e-07
  Ergosterol biosynthetic process 3.57e-08
Transmembrane transport   0.00076
Down-regulated genes   
Oxidation reduction   1.31e-12
Small molecule metabolic process 2.50e-11
  Alcohol metabolic process 0.00037
  Cellular ketone metabolic process 1.25e-08
  Cellular amino acid and derivative metabolic process 3.74e-12
  Organic acid metabolic process 1.63e-08
Amine metabolic process   1.47e-13
  Gamma-aminobutyric acid metabolic process 0.00078
  1. GO term assignment for C. neoformans H99 genes was based on homology to S. cerevisiae genes. P-value represents the probability that a particular GO term is enriched in the microarray gene list. The P-value cut-off was < 0.05.