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Figure 1

From: A comparison of the Giardia lamblia trophozoite and cyst transcriptome using microarrays

Figure 1

Comparison of cyst and trophozoite transcriptome. Cy3 fluorescence from two replicate trophozoite microarray hybridizations and mean fluorescence from six cyst microarrays are ranked in order of decreasing fluorescence intensity. Illustrating the difference in mRNA abundance between life cycle stages 5454 and 6198 trophozoite genes, respectively, exceeded 10,000 fluorescence units, but only 215 cyst genes were above this threshold. Because fluorescence values are ranked, vertically aligned data point do not necessarily originate from the same gene. Error bars show standard deviation for the six cyst replicates. Tropohozoite datapoints are means of two replicate spots. All replicates are biologically independent. Both variables are plotted on a log scale. Trophozoites (isolate GS) and cysts (isolate H3) of assemblage B were used in this comparison.

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