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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Direct interaction of FliX and FlbD is required for their regulatory activity in Caulobacter crescentus

Strains or plasmids Genotypes or descriptions Sources
C. crescentus
LS107 syn-1000, bla-6, amps derivative of NA1000 Stephens et al. [45]
JG1172 syn-1000 bla-6 ΔfliX Muir et al. [38]
SC1032 flbD198::Tn5 Ohta et al. [41]
E. coli
S17-1 Rp4-2, Tc::Mu, Km::Tn7 Simon et al. [46]
BL21(DE3) F-ompT gal [dcm] [lon] hsdS B (rB- mB-; an E. coli B strain) with DE3, a λ prophage carrying the T7 RNA polymerase gene Novagen
pX21b derivative of pET-21b carrying histidine-tagged FliX under the control of T7 promoter, Apr Muir & Gober [36]
pBBR1MCS broad host range cloning vector, multicopy, Cmr Kovach et al. [47]
pZXfliX derivative of pBBR1MCS carrying PCR generated 894 bp BamHI-HindIII fragment containing fliX gene and its promoter This study
pZX71A derivative of pZXfliX, codon 71 cgcc→gcc This study
pZX85K derivative of pZXfliX, codon 85 ctg→aag This study
pZXΔ117-8 derivative of pZXfliX, deletion of codon 117 and 118 This study
pZX130L derivative of pZXfliX, codon 130 acc→ctg This study
pZX136K derivative of pZXfliX, codon 136 ctg→aag This study
pfliX1 derivative of pBBR1-MCS expressing fliX 1, an allele of fliX carrying a point mutation at the sixteenth codon (R16G), a frame shift at codon 141, and an extended carboxyl terminus of 67 amino acids Muir et al. [38]
pfliF/lacZ/290 fliF-lacZ transcriptional reporter vector, Tcr Wingrove & Gober [48]
pfliK/lacZ/290 fliK-lacZ transcriptional reporter vector, Tcr Gober & Shapiro [25]