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Table 2 Genotypes derived from the presence/absence of introns in LSU rDNA genes for 57 Beauveria bassiana isolates and types of intron sequences.

From: Genetic analyses place most Spanish isolates of Beauveria bassiana in a molecular group with word-wide distribution

Genotype *
Isolate code No. isolates position 1
position 2
position 4**
A1B2B3A4 Bb2-5, Bb32-33, Bb35, Bb45, Bb48-49 10 EF115312   EF115308 (433a)
  Bb1, Bb6-12, Bb14-17, Bb20-21, Bb23-31,     
  Bb34, Bb36, Bb41-42, Bb44, Bb46-47,     
  Bb52-54, Bb56 34 EF115312   EF115307 (443b)
B1A2B3A4 Bb51 1   EF115313 EF115309 (427)
B1B2B3A4 Bb13, Bb18 2    EF115310 (443c)
  Bb22, Bb37, Bb39-40, Bb43 5    EF115311 (443d)
  Bb38, Bb55 2    EF115309 (427)
B1B2B3B4 Bb19, Bb50, Bb57 3 - - -
  1. *A, presence, and B, absence of a given intron at the 3'-end of the nuclear LSU rDNA genes. Numbers 1-4 represent insertion sites Ec2563, Ec2449, Ec2066 and Ec1921, respectively, as previously described [25].
  2. ** Sequence types inserted at position 4 (Ec1921) are indicated by their sizes in bp, followed by a letter for identical sizes (i.e., 443a, b, c, d) to indicate small differences in their composition.