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Table 1 Information concerning the Beauveria bassiana isolates analyzed in this study.

From: Genetic analyses place most Spanish isolates of Beauveria bassiana in a molecular group with word-wide distribution

Code Isolate Location Climate Habitat/Host (Order)
Bb1 EABb 01/145-Su Sevilla (Spain) M olive
Bb2 EABb 01/160-Su Huelva (Spain) M oak
Bb3 EABb 01/164-Su Huelva (Spain) M pine
Bb4 EABb 01/168-Su Huelva (Spain) M scrubland
Bb5 EABb 01/171-Su Huelva (Spain) M cotton
Bb6 EABb 01/15-Su Almería (Spain) M dessert
Bb7 EABb 01/126-Su Cádiz (Spain) M olive
Bb8 EABb 01/75-Su Almería (Spain) M seaside
Bb9 EABb 01/116-Su Sevilla (Spain) M olive
Bb10 EABb 01/112-Su Sevilla (Spain) M wheat
Bb11 EABb 01/125-Su Cádiz (Spain) M fallow land
Bb12 EABb 00/10-Su Jaén (Spain) M olive
Bb13 EABb 00/11-Su Jaén (Spain) M scrubland
Bb14 EABb 00/13-Su Jaén (Spain) M woodland
Bb15 EABb 00/16-Su Almería (Spain) M scrubland
Bb16 EABb 00/17-Su Almería (Spain) M dessert
Bb17 EABb 01/07-Su Córdoba (Spain) M meadow
Bb18 EABb 01/19-Su Granada (Spain) M wheat
Bb19 EABb 01/22-Su Córdoba (Spain) M scrubland
Bb20 EABb 01/25-Su Córdoba (Spain) M olive
Bb21 EABb 01/27-Su Córdoba (Spain) M wheat
Bb22 EABb 01/33-Su Cádiz (Spain) M olive
Bb23 EABb 01/34-Su Málaga (Spain) M olive
Bb24 EABb 01/35-Su Málaga (Spain) M scrubland
Bb25 EABb 01/36-Su Málaga (Spain) M meadow
Bb26 EABb 01/37-Su Málaga (Spain) M olive
Bb27 EABb 01/43-Su Jaén (Spain) M olive
Bb28 EABb 01/45-Su Jaén (Spain) M scrubland
Bb29 EABb 01/64-Su Granada (Spain) M woodland
Bb30 EABb 01/73-Su Granada (Spain) M scrubland
Bb31 EABb 01/76-Su Granada (Spain) M scrubland
Bb32 EABb 01/100-Su Sevilla (Spain) M olive
Bb33 EABb 01/103-Su Sevilla (Spain) M woodland
Bb34 EABb 01/105-Su Sevilla (Spain) M cotton
Bb35 EABb 01/130-Su Cádiz (Spain) M pine
Bb36 EABb 01/132-Su Cádiz (Spain) M cotton
Bb37 EABb 90/2-Dm Badajoz (Spain) M Dociostaurus maroccanus (Orthoptera)
Bb38 EABb 90/4-Cb Badajoz (Spain) M Chortipus bicolor (Orthoptera)
Bb39 EABb 91/6-Ci Badajoz (Spain) M Calliptamus italicus (Orthoptera)
Bb40 EABb 91/7-Dm Badajoz (Spain) M D. maroccanus (Orthoptera)
Bb41 EaBb 92/10-Dm Badajoz (Spain) M D. maroccanus (Orthoptera)
Bb42 EABb 92/11Dm Badajoz (Spain) M D. maroccanus (Orthoptera)
Bb43 EABb 93/14-Tp Córdoba (Spain) M Thaumetopea pytiocampa (Lepidoptera)
Bb44 EABb 04/01-Tip Sevilla (Spain) M Timaspis papaveris (Hymenoptera)
Bb45 EABb 01/88-Su South Portugal M sunflower
Bb46 EABb 01/39-Su Málaga (Spain) M almond
Bb47 EABb 01/110-Su Sevilla (Spain) M holm oak
Bb48 EABb 04/06-Su Córdoba (Spain) M cork oak
Bb49 EABb 04/08-Su Córdoba (Spain) M hazel
Bb50 EABb 04/02-Su Santander (Spain) HO Ebro river
Bb51 EABb 04/03-Su Santander (Spain) HO grassland
Bb52 EABb 04/05-Su Álava (Spain) C leek
Bb53 EABb 04/09-Su Madrid (Spain) C grassland
Bb54 EABb 04/10-Su Gerona (Spain) M olive
Bb55 EABb 04/12-Su Georgia C inculto
Bb56 B. bassiana 1333 Greece M Bactrocera oleae (Diptera)
Bb57 B. bassiana 3395 Poland C No data available
  1. Code: reference as each isolate is cited in the text.
  2. Source: reference as received from the Collection from the Department of Ciencias y Recursos Agrícolas y Forestales (CRAF) of the University of Córdoba, Spain.
  3. Climatic: zones where isolates were collected (M: subtropical Mediterranean, C: continental, HO: humid oceanic).