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Table 1 S. pneumoniae strains

From: The impact of the competence quorum sensing system on Streptococcus pneumoniaebiofilms varies depending on the experimental model

Strain Relevant properties Mutated ORFs* Reference
TIGR4 Type 4 strain, comC2-comD2 - [52]
D39 Type 2 strain, comC1-comD1 - [29, 47, 53]
Rx1 D39 natural mutant; Δcsp2A-H spd0315-spd0323 [47, 54]
FP5 Rx1 ΔcomC1; CmR spr2043 [29]
FP23 TIGR4 Δcps4A-J; KmR SP0346-SP0366 [47, 55]
FP48 Rx1 comD1::aphIII; KmR spr2042 [8]
FP64 TIGR4 ΔcomC2; CmR SP2237 [8]
FP175 TIGR4 luxS::cat; CmR SP0340 [56]
FP184 TIGR4 comD2::aphIII; KmR SP2236 [14]
FP218 TIGR4 blpH::ermB; EmR SP0527 this work
FP231 FP23 comD2::aphIII; SpeR SP2184 this study
FP259 FP23 ΔcomC2; CmR SP2185 this study
FP421 RX1 ΔcomD1; SpeR spr2042 this study
  1. * numbering refers to the TIGR4, D39 and R6 genome sequences respectively