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Figure 1

From: Effect of iclR and arcA knockouts on biomass formation and metabolic fluxes in Escherichia coli K12 and its implications on understanding the metabolism of Escherichia coliBL21 (DE3)

Figure 1

Product yields of the wild type and knockout strains. Product yields in c-mole/c-mole glucose of the wild type MG1655, the derived single knockout strains ΔarcA and ΔiclR, and the double knockout strain ΔarcAΔiclR under glucose abundant, batch (A) and glucose limiting, chemostat (B) conditions. Oxygen yield is shown as a positive number for a clear representation, but O2 is actually consumed during the experiments. The values represented in the graph are the average of at least two separate experiments and the errors are standard deviations calculated on the yields.

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