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Figure 4

From: High-throughput clone library analysis of the mucosa-associated microbiota reveals dysbiosis and differences between inflamed and non-inflamed regions of the intestine in inflammatory bowel disease

Figure 4

Cluster dendrogram generated using the Jaccard coefficient, illustrating relationship between bacterial species membership and biopsy type across all samples included in the study. Crohn's disease patients are indicated by numbers CD1-CD6. Ulcerative colitis patients are indicated by UC1-UC6. Samples marked with "I" are from inflamed intestinal regions, those marked with "N" are from non-inflamed regions. Non-IBD control samples are indicated with N1-N5. Adjacent bar charts show the Family level classification (as determined by the RDP classifier) for each of the sequences per sample. Families coloured in yellow/brown belong to the Firmicutes phylum, blue = Bacteroidetes, pink = Actinobacteria, green = Proteobacteria, black = all other sequences not belonging to the specified Families.

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