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Table 1 Sources of bacterial strains

From: Comparative proteomic analysis of Lactobacillus plantarumfor the identification of key proteins in bile tolerance

Bacterial straina Provider Origin
LC 56 Aerialb Corn silage
LC 660 Aerialb Grass silage
WHE 92 Aerialb Munster cheese
LC 800 Aerialb Horseradish
LC 804 Aerialb Olives
CECT 748T CECTc Pickled cabbage
CECT 749 CECTc Pickled cabbage
CECT 4185 CECTc Silage of vegetable matter
299 V Probid Human intestinal mucosa
  1. a) Identification based on PCR amplification targeting the recA gene [51].
  2. b) Aerial, Illkirch, France.
  3. c) Spanish Type Culture Collection, Valencia, Spain.
  4. d) Probi, Lund, Sweden.