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Table 3 Bacteria and plasmids

From: pBAM1: an all-synthetic genetic tool for analysis and construction of complex bacterial phenotypes

Strains Description/relevant characteristics Reference
E. coli   
CC118λpir Δ(ara-leu), araD, ΔlacX174, galE, galK, phoA, thi1, rpsE, rpoB, argE (Am), recA1, lysogenic λpir [4]
HB101 SmR, hsdR-M+, pro, leu, thi, recA [55]
P. putida   
KT2440 mt-2 derivative cured of the TOL plasmid pWW0 [58]
MAD1 KT2440 RifR, TelR, xylR+, Pu-lacZ [34]
pRK600 CmR; oriColE1, RK2 mob+, tra+ [15]
pBAM1 KmR ApR; oriR6K This work
pBAM1-GFP KmR ApR; oriR6K, GFP This work
  1. Rif: Rifampicin; Tel: Tellurite.