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Figure 3

From: Impact of sub-inhibitory antibiotics on fibronectin-mediated host cell adhesion and invasion by Staphylococcus aureus

Figure 3

Effect of antibiotics on S. aureus adhesion to and invasion of human osteoblasts. MG-63 osteoblastic cells were infected for 2 h at approximately 50 bacteria/cell with S. aureus strain 8325-4, pre-treated or not (untreated control) with 1/2 MIC linezolid, oxacillin or rifampicin, and S. aureus strain DU5883 lacking fnbA and fnbB (negative control). To enumerate cell-associated bacteria, infected cells were washed twice to discard unbound bacteria and analysed by osmotic shock in pure water, and then, suitable dilutions of the lysates were plated on agar. The same procedure was used to quantify intracellular bacteria, except that the cells were incubated for 1 h with 200 mg/L gentamicin before the lysis step to kill extracellular bacteria. Adherent bacteria were calculated by subtracting intracellular bacteria from cell-associated bacteria. The results were expressed as the means +/- standard deviation of the percentage of recovered internalised (a) or adherent (b) bacteria with respect to inoculated bacteria derived from four independent experiments performed in duplicate. Asterisk = significantly different from the control (corresponding isolate grown without antibiotic), with a P value of 0.05 by one-way analysis of variance followed by a posteriori Dunnett's test.

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