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Figure 6

From: The streptococcal collagen-like protein-1 (Scl1) is a significant determinant for biofilm formation by group a Streptococcus

Figure 6

Scl1-mediated model of GAS biofilm (not to scale). Scl1 hydrophobin (current study) initiates bacterial adhesion to animate surfaces [59] within the host (blue field). Scl1 adhesin anchors the growing microcolony by direct binding to tissue extracellular matrix (ECM) components, cellular fibronectin and laminin [19], initiating microcolony formation and anchoring the outside edge of GAS microcolony in tissue (yellow field). Microcolony scaffolding is stabilized by the formation of head-to-head dimers between Scl1 molecules on adjacent chains (pink field). Inset shows Scl1-Scl1 head-to-head dimers formed by rScl1.1 as viewed by electron microscopy after rotary shadowing [64]. Bar: 50 nm.

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