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Figure 4

From: Characterisation of two quorum sensing systems in the endophytic Serratia plymuthicastrain G3: differential control of motility and biofilm formation according to life-style

Figure 4

Effect of quorum quenching on biofilm formation. In vitro biofilm formation of the GFP-tagged strains G3/pME6000-pUCP18::gfpmut 3.1 (left panel) and G3/pME6863-pUCP18::gfpmut3.1 (right panel). Flow cell cultured biofilms incubated in 5% LB were observed by confocal laser scanning microscopy after 48 h. A: 2 dimensional optical slice and cross sections, B: 3 dimensional y-projection; C: 3 dimensional z-projection.

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